Seventh Heaven

A Female Fronted Original Alt-Rock Band From NE Of England

Who We Are


Us and our inspirations

Steph Mackey (Singer):

Steph Mackey, the band’s soulful and versatile vocalist, is deeply inspired by artists such as Jeff Buckley, Stevie Nicks, Eddie Vedder, Fiona Apple, Aretha Franklin, and Thom Yorke. These influential figures shape Steph’s ability to convey raw emotions through her performances. With her heartfelt delivery and use of music as a coping mechanism, Steph adds a profound layer of depth to Seventh Heaven’s music, bringing all of her influences together into a unique style that compliments perfectly with the accompanying instrumentalists

Ben Penn (Drummer):

Ben Penn, the band’s skilled drummer, draws heavy inspiration from the drumming style of Alter Bridge. His energetic, precise and deeply rhythmic drumming forms the backbone of Seventh Heaven’s sound. Ben is Seventh Heaven’s ideas man, due to his songwriting process being influenced by various songs and artists that he encounters, leading to a rich tapestry of musical ideas influencing the band’s repertoire. Ben brings song ideas or complete songs to the band, in which they are arranged and enhanced to match the sound and style that Seventh Heaven is beginning to find.

Tom Robinson (Bassist):

Tom Robinson, the band’s experimental bassist, brings a unique flavor to Seventh Heaven’s sound. Influenced by legendary bassists Cliff Burton from Metallica, Jaco Pastorius from Weather Report, and Tony Levin from King Crimson, Tom thinks outside of the box in his bass arrangements, enhancing the other members’ skills perfectly. His unique approach contributes to the band’s ability to create captivating musical arrangements, using his understanding of theory due to his jazz background, further diversifying Seventh Heavens influences.

Ryan Smith (Guitarist):

Ryan Smith, the band’s creative guitarist, finds inspiration in the likes of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters for his arranging skills. This is is evident in Seventh Heaven’s musical arrangements and will be become more prevalent as the band is able to find more creative freedom. Additionally, songwriting influences from artists like Ben Howard, Nick Drake, and Radiohead, as well as his interest in, music technology, recording and music theory contribute to the band’s introspective side and emotive storytelling.