Seventh Heaven

A Female Fronted Original Alt-Rock Band From NE Of England

Press Kit

Seventh Heaven is an alternative rock band driven by raw emotions and powerful arrangements.


Influenced by the likes of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters, guitarist Ryan Smith creates captivating instrumental compositions, while drummer and main songwriter Ben Penn draws inspiration from Alter Bridge’s energetic style. With Steph Mackey’s soulful vocals, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Aretha Franklin, and bassist Tom Robinson’s experimental and theoretical approach, the band is beginning to craft a unique sound. Their discography includes the catchy pop-rock track “Epiphany” and the poignant ballad “Home” with much more to come soon…

Early Successes

Seventh Heaven have performed multiple successful gigs in their local town of Stockton, booking 2 headliners after only 2 months of being in the public eye. Moreover, Seventh Heaven have recorded their 3 debut singles with Carl Pemberton, a well known singer songwriter of the band Journey South, and are currently exploring options for further releases within the year.


Through the performance of their music, Seventh Heaven wishes to reach a wide range of people in hope that people are able to connect with the powerful lyrics and music in a way other forms of art are incapable of doing. Despite only just getting started up, Seventh Heaven are motivated and eager to not only expand beyond their home town, but also to reach new audiences and to connect with more people through the powerful tool that music can be.